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Subaru BRZ Reviews
Top Gear90
Car Keys80
Auto Express80
The Telegraph60
What Car60
Total Aggregate Score
5 / 5
Review Summary
The Subaru BRZ feels agile and light-footed. Turn in to a fast corner and it understeers only very slightly, but trail the brakes or lift mid-corner and that quickly turns into controllable oversteer.
9 / 10
Review Summary
Boasting all the right ingredients for a low cost, engaging sports coupe, it's no surprise that Subaru's BRZ offers largely the same level of enjoyment as Toyota's near-identical GT86. The combination of rear-wheel drive and a modest mass should have keen drivers smiling.
9 / 10
Top Gear
Review Summary
For purity and driver entertainment, the BRZ is the best in class.
4.2 / 5
Review Summary
The Subaru BRZ is a superb driver’s car. The rear-wheel-drive set-up gives it great handling and it’s affordable, too.
4 / 5
Car Keys
Review Summary
Without sounding too much like a car salesman, the BRZ is definitely a driver’s car. But what does that mean? Well, to get the most out of it and reap the benefits of its character you really have to work the gearbox and pay close attention to the rev counter. Get it right and you will be left grinning.
4 / 5
Auto Express
Review Summary
The BRZ is the first rear-wheel-drive coupe from Subaru, and what it lacks in power is more than made up for in handling.
3.5 / 5
Review Summary
Handling is a big part of what the BRZ is about. The rear-wheel-drive configuration is music to driving purists’ ears, while the low-mounted bonnet and low seating position mean the centre of gravity remains extremely low, which in turn means this is a car which simply loves corners.
6 / 10
The Telegraph
Review Summary
You’ll love the Subaru BRZ on a twisty road, because it makes rear-wheel-drive thrills so accessible so much of the time.
3 / 5
What Car
Review Summary
The Subaru BRZ just pips the almost identical Toyota GT86, thanks to its tighter handling. It's great fun on the right roads.
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