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Peugeot RCZ Reviews
Car Keys80
Auto Express80
What Car60
Top Gear60
The Telegraph50
Total Aggregate Score
4 / 5
Review Summary
One of the best-looking cars to ever come from the French maker, it’s already proved something of a hit, this statement of intent proving a dream car for Peugeot’s long-suffering marketing men.
4 / 5
Review Summary
The RCZ is fun but, most of all, it looks far better on the road than either the Scirocco or the TT. It’s comfortable, too.
4 / 5
Car Keys
Review Summary
A bloody good effort. Peugeot has made a car that we wanted from the initial launch. We all wanted a hot version and the R has delivered on many points. This car is entertaining and keeps you on your toes from time to time and it looks a brilliant purchase when comparing to rivals.
8 / 10
Review Summary
Peugeot Sport's influence has sprinkled some magic onto the driving dynamics, too, turning the car into an excellent, if compromised, hot hatch alternative.
4 / 5
Auto Express
Review Summary
With concept car looks and a sporty driving experience, the Peugeot RCZ is a left-field alternative to the Audi TT.
3.8 / 5
Review Summary
The Peugeot RCZ is a coupe with the styling of a concept car, which was on sale from 2009 to 2015. The French Audi TT rival is fun to drive and fairly cheap to run.
3 / 5
What Car
Review Summary
The Peugeot RCZ is a striking-looking coupe, but its not good enough to challenge the Audi TT or VW Scirocco.
6 / 10
Top Gear
Review Summary
The RCZ R is no clunker. It gives you as much power (albeit with two fewer driven wheels) as an Audi TTS for four grand less, is interesting to look at and decently rapid.
5 / 10
The Telegraph
Review Summary
Matinée idol looks count for a lot in the coupé world, and the RCZ has them by the bucketload. But that square jaw and slicked-back hair can't cover up the RCZ's personal issues – it likes a drink, for example, and its prickly personality makes it difficult to get along with.
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