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Alfa Romeo Stelvio Reviews
Auto Express80
The Telegraph80
Top Gear80
What Car60
Total Aggregate Score
4.2 / 5
Review Summary
Interior quality isn’t quite up with the best in the class, and most competitors offer a greater number of high-tech options. But you may find the design inside and out attractive enough to forgive this.It’s a very likeable vehicle overall, with distinctive character and plenty of performance.
4 / 5
Auto Express
Review Summary
It's a strong and near-excellent contender. It drives as good as it looks, and has a fine cabin with much improved build quality.
4 / 5
The Telegraph
Review Summary
Really handsome and well equipped debut in this class. As a production sporting SUV, the Stelvio has few peers except Porsche, but the ride suffers and the more economical diesel just isn't as sporting.
4 / 5
Review Summary
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV blends good looks, a great drive and real quality at a competitive price. The premium German brands have a new Italian rival.
8 / 10
Top Gear
Review Summary
With so much Giulia DNA the Stelvio was bound to be good. At last, Alfa has a car to buy with your heart and head.
3.5 / 5
Review Summary
The Stelvio faces stiff competition from a renewed Audi Q5, the Porsche Macan and Jaguar F-Pace, but it certainly deserves short-listing if it turns out to be as impressive on the road as it is on the track.
3 / 5
What Car
Review Summary
The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is fun to drive, but a firm ride and the cheap interior trim count against it.
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