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Alfa Romeo Giulia Reviews
Car Keys90
Auto Express80
What Car80
Top Gear80
The Telegraph70
Total Aggregate Score
4.5 / 5
Car Keys
Review Summary
This is the best Alfa Romeo for decades, short and simple, and it’s been more than worth the wait. We can’t ignore its shortcomings, but Alfa has always been one of those companies for which heart is as important, if not more important, than head.
4.2 / 5
Review Summary
The Alfa Romeo Giulia is a stylish, luxurious and great-to-drive alternative to established executive saloons like the BMW 3 Series and Mercedes C-Class.
4 / 5
Auto Express
Review Summary
The Alfa Romeo Giulia is an impressive rear-drive saloon that challenges the compact executive best.
4 / 5
Review Summary
In short, if Alfa can get it priced and built properly, I can see this Giulia and the variants it will spawn going some distance to undoing the decades of damage suffered to date by this once fabulous marque. For Alfa Romeo, it will come not one moment too soon.
4 / 5
What Car
Review Summary
The Alfa Romeo Giulia is good to drive and an interesting alternative to the BMW 3 Series. Refinement and interior quality are below par, though.
8 / 10
Top Gear
Review Summary
Alfa's rebirth gets off to a flying start. RWD Giulia is a sign of good things to come.
7 / 10
The Telegraph
Review Summary
Be in no doubt that the Giulia is the best car Alfa Romeo has built in a very long time. It stands shoulder to shoulder with German rivals in most areas, and is more fun to drive than any of them. Tempted? We can see why you would be.
3.4 / 5
Review Summary
It has quick, precise steering and 50:50 weight distribution that makes the car feel far more involving than nearly anything else of its size, while its all-new engine line-up aims to provide excitement as well as low running costs.
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