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How it works...

We spent 3 months collating information on the most popular 300 cars in the UK and building it into a website . We steered clear (pun intended) of supercars and any car which had a price point starting in excess of £100,000.

Our database of information not only allowed us to provide an aggregate score for each vehicle. We could also easily find out the top cars, top makes and top cars for each category of vehicle.

The scoring system is very simple, we convert all reviews to a score out of 100 and then use the average for all of the review scores. We round anything down that is less than .5 and up for anything .5 or over.

The first version of our site only used 9 review sites and we could only choose from those that provided a score with their review.

Finally, we provided the actual score for each reviewer with the link to the review. One of the complaints that we hear about other aggregator sites is that users want to know the actual score from the reviewer.

If a review site scores out of 5 stars, users don't want that converted to a percentage score. This is required to provide an aggregate score, however we also show the actual scoring system used by the reviewer for each review.

We hope you find this site useful in helping you to decide which car to buy. If you have any comments or suggestions for the site feel free to drop us a line.


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